Consolation Prize (tweeted Oct 30th 2013)

Jake saw the console abandoned on a park bench. Nobody else was around apart from his mum. Grasping it in his hands he heard her call from behind but his excitement muffled the words. He switched it on, fingers instinctively knowing which buttons to hold. The screen lit up and suddenly the world grew dark. He could not see the park or his family. The console was all he could focus on, the words “Your game is about to begin” scrolled in front of his eyes.

A familiar picture appeared on the screen. It was the park. A pixelated version of the bandstand marked the exit, just as it did in reality. Jake could not understand why the screen was the only thing he could now see. A countdown appeared in the top corner

99, 98, 97…

and the words “You must escape the park” began flashing. Scared, he wanted to put down the device but his hands would not let go,


He tried to run but his feet would not work.


Panicking, he pressed his thumb down and instantly he was moving.


Somehow Jake could control himself with the buttons.


Using his fingers he spun around, searching for his mum but she was no longer there.


He tried to head for the exit but with every step he took the park changed shape.


The closer he thought he was the further away he became.


Desperate he tried to make himself jump over the fence but could not find the right button.


Jake fumbled for the off switch but there wasn’t one.


The only thing that was left was to run, but it was too late.


The words “Game Over” were the last he ever saw.



Thanks to DH for the excellent guest contribution – TL




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