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This fortnight’s Very Short Stories

28th October

The rustle of a newspaper from the next cubicle sounded the death knell for the toilet stand off. He stood up and began wiping.

30th October

“I wish I’d gone for pine instead of this MDF rubbish” thought Blackbeard as he replaced his plank for the fourth time in two years

10th November

Whisky at lunch had been a big mistake. His eyelids finally gave in and his head crashed on to the keyboard, his nose landing on delete

11th November

The fire alarm rang to signal the two minute silence but something told him interrupting his pee mid-stream was bad for his health

12th November

Rosetta slowly opened one eye, looked at the vast darkness and bitter ice below and muttered – “no, not today thanks.”

13th November

He was unsure about publicising his belief in UFOs until his brother gave him the boost he needed – “Go on Ed, people respect honesty”