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I am Spiderman (tweeted 8th Nov 2013)

I am Spiderman.

And you see that boy over there?

He’s Doctor Octopus and he’s going to trap me and take me prisoner. But then I’m going to shoot my web at him and escape.

No, no,no!

Actually he’s Batman but he’s a bad Batman and he wants to get me because I webbed his Batmobile. And I’m going to swing over him and escape to my base under the slide. And then I’m going to turn into Santa and take away all his presents because he’s a naughty Batman.

Actually I’m Freezeman and I’m going to freeze his feet with ice so he can’t move. And then Robin will come and help fix him.

But not good Robin…bad Robin.

And then I’m going to web Robin and catch him but Batman will escape and tie me up.

Actually, I’m Iron Man and he’s the Green Godlin. I’m going to fly up in the sky with my rockets really really high and then land on his head and squash him so he’s really small. And then he won’t be able to get me and I’ll carry him to prison.

No, I’m Robin Hood and he’s King Arthur and our mission is to stop the Green Godlin from coming in our castle. I will use my bow and arrow and he can use his sword. His sword is called Erscallyber.

No, actually he’s Little John and he can use a stick and he’s really strong and he knocks me in the water but really we’re best friends. I’m a fox and he’s a bear but we’re just pretending.

Actually I’m Superman and he’s Spiderman.

But he’s a bad Spiderman!